Income Protection

This benefit will provide you with a monthly income should you be unable to continue your normal occupation due to illness or injury.

On application you select a waiting period (the period you must be ill or injured for before the benefit will commence to suit your circumstances and needs) and a benefit period to meet your requirements.

Once you have completed the waiting period the benefit will commence payable monthly in arrears and will continue to pay until the selected benefit period when it will cease - usually age 65 or 70.

The benefit you receive in claim is indexed.

The maximum you can insure for is 75% of your earned income plus superannuation guarantee.

Please be aware that in some circumstances other income can be taken into consideration which will reduce the benefit from the income protection policy.

The premiums for this policy are tax deductible however the benefits are taxable.

Should your policy include a trauma benefit of 6 months this lump sum payment will be tax free.