Life Insurance


In the event of death, this benefit will provide your family with a tax free lump sum which could be used to:
a. Repay your mortgage and outstanding liabilities.
b. Provide sufficient capital that when invested the income will maintain your families standard of living.
c. Fund your children's education.
d. Meet medical and associated expenses.
e. Provide for a child with special needs.
f. Provide for any other need.
The policy can be owned personally or in superannuation. When the policy is owned personally the benefits will be tax free. When the policy is owned in Superannuation the benefits will be tax free provided they are paid to a spouse or financially dependent beneficiary.


There two categories of business cover
1. Keyman insurance
2. Shareholders or Partnership insurance

In the event of death, this benefit will provide the following:
a. Funds to meet outstanding liabilities that you have guaranteed.
b. Provide funds to enable your company to replace your skills.
c. Ensure the company will continue without a cash flow crisis.
d. Provide funding to ensure that your family receive fair value for your share in the business.
e. Ensure that you are not left with a business partner you do not want.

The ownership of these policies will result in different tax consequences and advice must be sought.